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We clear blocked drains in Manchester from £59.99

Sewer Serve Solutions are a specialist local drainage company based in Irlam, Manchester. We have over 40 years experience in working with the environmental agency and in the wastewater utilities industry throughout the UK.

We are fully equipped to tackle any drainage emergency. We have the lastest equipment for blockage removal, plotting & mapping sewers, high risk manhole entry, high pressure water jetting and CCTV surveys to name a few. If you have special requirements or have a question regarding a service we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us, and our team will be available to assist you 7 days a week.


Blockage Removals, clear Blocked Drains, Manchester-Sewer Serve Solutions
Blockage Removals

We clear blocked drains in Manchester
from £59.99 with no hidden extras.

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Root Cutting, Manchester-Sewer Serve Solutions
Root Cutting

Using high pressure water with a rotating nozzle acting as a cutting tool to remove any roots within your drainage system.

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CCTV Surveys, Manchester-Sewer Serve Solutions
CCTV Surveys

We use specialist Drain surveillance equipment to assess damage to your drainage system in order to make better judgements on how to fix your issue.

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Manhole Surveys, Manchester-Sewer Serve Solutions
Manhole Surveys

Using specialist equipment our staff can survey drainage systems by using our specialist software or entering in the system to assess. Manhole surveys are often required when drainage system records are poor or non-existent.

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CIPP Patch Lining, Manchester-Sewer Serve Solutions
CIPP Patch Lining

An alternative to ‘Dig & Replace’ Methods, our Patch Lining Service challenges traditional pipe repair methods providing no damage to the property, lining the pipe with a long lasting durable material installed by specialist equipment.

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Sewer Rehabilitation, Manchester-Sewer Serve Solutions
Sewer Rehabilitation

Using techniques such as Trenchless rehabilitation, we can repair and revitalise most damaged pipelines.

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Manhole Benching, Manchester-Sewer Serve Solutions
Manhole Benching

Our Manhole Benching Service offers a solution for damaged Manholes for both Domestic and Commercial Customers. Correct Benching allows waste to flow freely in a system, preventing buildup of waste and paper.

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Graffiti Removal, Manchester-Sewer Serve Solutions
Graffiti Removal

We provide a Graffiti removal service, removing any graffiti from brickwork and other surfaces using specialist chemicals.

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Sewer Plotting, Sewer Mapping, Manchester-Sewer Serve Solutions
Sewer Plotting & Mapping

We offer a full range of sewer and drain Plotting & Mapping and drain tracing services. An ideal solution and is a vital part of any building works. As drainage infrastructure needs to be inspected before any building works can take place.

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geutter cleaning, Fascia Cleaning, , Manchester-Sewer Serve Solutions
Gutter & Facia Cleaning

We use the latest technology to clear gutters using high power vacuum suction and extending carbon fibre poles to reach over buildings in both Commercial & Domestic settings

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Sewer Plotting, Sewer Mapping , Manchester-Sewer Serve Solutions
Drone Surveys

Our Drone Services Provide a thorough and cost-effective method of surveying canals and sewers in high resolution video, giving our customers and ourselves the ability to get in hard to reach areas that conventional surveys would not allow.

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Recent Projects

Pipe Repair & Replacement


We attended a call to diagnose and relay a pipe system in Urmston, Manchester. we began by assing using our CCTV Survey equiptment, when we discovered the route cause wasa cracked pipe, we proceeded to dig a trench, repairing and replacing the damaged pipe and rplacing it with a more modern system, customer was very satisfied with our efforts, job completed.

sewer-serve-solutions-victoria-road, drain unblocking

Civil Pipe Repair, Urmston Drainage-Sewer CCTV drain surveys-Serve Solutions

Emergency unblocking of a sewer

Victoria Road Irlam

We attended a property on Victoria Road in Irlam Manchester. The sewer was substantially blocked allowing no waste to go through to the main system. Using a high-pressure jet, we flushed out the Blockage returning the system to full working order. we then went on to perform a thorough clean of the pipe to ensure the problem would not return. Another happy Customer.

Emergency Pipe Replacement


We were asked to attend a property in Knutsford to diagnose, trench and remove a section of Damaged and replace it. pipeat a property in Knutsford. We began by performing a CCTV Survey and diagnosing exactly were we needed to dig, when completed we dug out and cut the section of pipe and replaced it so the drainage system ran as it should. another job completed and another customer happy.

Civil Pipe Repair, CCTV Drainage survey, Sale Drainage-Sewer Serve Solutions


At Sewer Serve Solutions, we believe that our customers should be left satisfied with our work. To ensure that our high standards are constantly maintained, we request feedback from each customer that takes advantage of Sewer Serve Solutions.

"Thanks, much appreciated, you made an old lady very happy and worry free"
Marney, Queensferry
"Had these guys out yesterday to unblock a drain. They were well manners and professional from answering the phone to finishing the job. Will use them again if and when needed, and pass there details on to friends/family. Bonus is there local guys too. Thank you very much Neil & Rob"
Gillian, Irlam

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