Precision Root Cutting and Water jetting. FROM £59.99

The roots of trees and shrubs can cause considerable damage to both domestic and commercial Drain systems. Roots can cause cracks and displace joints in pipe work causing leaks and blockages to form within the system. Here at Sewer Serve Solutions, we have the experience and expertise to deal with this issue with effective and long-lasting results. We use specialized blocked drain root cutting tools fitted onto a high-pressure water jetting hose, which remove the blockage and ensure that your system is flowing again.


With over 40 years of experience in the Drainage industry, Sewer Serve Solutions are fully equipped to help with your Blocked drains in Manchester caused by tree roots or any other issue, our Drainage experts understand the need to fix your blocked drain fast and efficiently, our root cutting and drain water jetting tools will remove any issue and have your drainage system fully operational in no time.  


Blocked Drain Root cutting and Drain Water jetting repaired by the number 1 Drainage Contractors


When is Root Cutting Used?

Root Cutting in sewer and water pipes is common practice throughout the UK, particularly in non-domestic sewers, however Root cutting is used when Water Jetting is not successful (due to the thickness of the roots).

Is Water Jetting enough?

Ordinarily Water Jetting the Drain to remove Tree roots is an effective method, however if the tree roots are persistent and cannot be removed by Water Jetting, Root Cutting would then be the next step, This would most likely occur after the attending engineer has conducted a CCTV Drain Survey to check the extent of the blockage,

Will the roots grow back?

Unfortunately, this could occur, however, techniques such as Patch lining can be employed to prevent the problem roots from re-establishing themselves within the drain.

Is it safe?

With over 40 years of collective experience in the wastewater utilities industry, our engineers are highly skilled with unblocking drains and are fully compliant with the latest health & safety regulations. The safety of both client and engineer is always first priority


We have over 40 years experience in working with the environmental agency and in the wastewater utilities industry throughout the UK. Over the years, all of our team has gained much sort after, industry recognized Accreditations making us fully qualified for any drainage issue.


  • Local drainage contractors & trusted in the Manchester area.

  • Fully qualified with 40 years collective industry experience.

  • Strong, up to date knowledge of industry best practice.

  • Experts in drainage.

  • Our work is fast, efficient and effective.

  • Commitment to Health & Safety of our customers & ourselves.

  • Streamlined process using the latest technology.

  • All work is guaranteed.


At Sewer Serve Solutions, we believe that our customers should be left satisfied with our work. To ensure that our high standards are constantly maintained, we request feedback from each customer that takes advantage of Sewer Serve Solutions.

“Thanks, much appreciated, you made an old lady very happy and worry free”

Marney, Queensferry

“Had these guys out yesterday to unblock a drain. They were well manners and professional from answering the phone to finishing the job. Will use them again if and when needed, and pass there details on to friends/family. Bonus is there local guys too. Thank you very much Neil & Rob”

Gillian, Irlam







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